Hello, writing sister!


The mums are in bloom here in Central Virginia. Their earthy scent brings to mind sweaters and scarves and school. I have always loved school. Not the mundane parts—those horrid clicks and grades and rules—but the learning parts.


Here at Writing Women’s Lives™, learning is never about clicks and grades and rules. It’s about craft and consciousness and sisterhood. Why? Because craft empowers us with writing strategies that help us shape our life experiences. Consciousness work returns us to our writing truth (i.e., our voice) and reminds us that the harsh inner critic is never the truth of who we are. And sisterhood connects us to each other, which keeps us connected to ourselves and to our writing.


This fall Writing Women’s Lives™ is expanding into Writing Women’s Lives™ Academy. Our focus will continue to be on craft and consciousness and sisterhood. Indeed, we are in the process of creating some exciting opportunities for connection and community sisterhood-style. So stay tuned for more ways to jump into this writing tribe!


In the meantime, to celebrate our expansion and to thank you for being a part of this community of women writers, I’ve created a free women’s writing workshop called Raise Your Voice! A Writing Workshop for Women Who Are Done with Silence. This free women’s writing workshop focuses on the consciousness side of the craft-and-consciousness equation. It will help you to raise your voice to a whole new level of confidence in writing and in life.


Download your free mp3 copy of Raise Your Voice! here. May it return you to your writing truth as you ease into scarves and sweaters and the spicy scent of mums this fall.


To rising together,

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