No matter how silenced your story has been, you can claim your voice and write your memoir with confidence, craft, and consciousness. The question is, WHY must you write it?

~Marilyn Bousquin

Women’s Memoir Book Coach
Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach

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Your memoir begins here…

 You have a story inside you that wants to be written. I’m guessing the older you get, the more urgent your need to write your story becomes. 

Maybe at this point in your writing journey, you know your story inside out; maybe you’ve written parts of your story but other parts still ache to be written; maybe you’re just beginning to write your story.

No matter where you are on your writing journey, know this: No one else on the planet can write your story in your voice.

Hi, I’m Marilyn

This is where I’m supposed to tell you who I am, which is funny given that one of the questions at the heart of my memoir is “Who am I?”

The first time I asked this question I was 21 years old and talking to my then-boyfriend on my pink touchtone phone. (Yeah, even then, in 1988, I loved pink. Oh, how I wore the leather soles off my pink cowgirl boots!) I had just graduated from college with a degree in English, was living in my parents’ basement, and had no idea what was next for me. How could I know? In the years leading up to this phone call I’d lost my sense of self in the swirling aftermath of a rape I was years from naming.

“Why are you crying?” then-boyfriend asked.

To my surprise I blurted, “Who am I? I just want to know who I am.”

Little did I know that the question Who am I? would turn into the question Do I have a voice? and that these questions would lead me on a memoir-writing journey that would free my voice from silence and bring me full circle back to who I am.

“When a woman who wants to write dips her pen into the well of her own courage, her truth becomes a freedom that graces this world.”

Marilyn Bousquin


Writing Out Loud Sisterhood Inner Circle:

A Membership Community

Whether you’re working on a book-length memoir, shorter memoir essays, poems, a blog, or keeping a journal, this writing circle will help you cultivate a thriving writing practice that keeps your momentum going for the long haul.

Excavate Your Truth/Free Your

A Conscious Writing Program

Excavate the themes and images unique to your story truth, and discover the power these images hold for your voice on the page. Generate a lot of new, raw writing that frees your voice from silence, and come away a more confident, conscious, and reflective writer.

Craft Your Truth/Claim Your Voice:

Where Craft Meets Consciousness

This program integrates the craft skills essential to writing memoir with the consciousness work necessary to claim your voice and your story from silence. Here you will craft your life experiences into short memoir pieces and create a conscious writing practice that meets your writing where it’s at.

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Client Feedback

Before I took Marilyn’s Writing Women’s Lives™ class I had really let my writing take a back seat. I wanted to sit down and write but felt paralyzed to do so. Marilyn’s reputation as a writer, editor, and all around cool chick made her class an easy choice. And, really, I was ready for a group experience to hold me accountable. What a good choice it turned out to be!

Marilyn’s class was ¼ craft lessons, ¼ creation, ¼ catharsis, ¼ community, and ¼ intangible. Yes, I know that adds up to more than 1 whole, but the class is more than the sum of its parts. Marilyn’s honesty, straightforwardness, and empathy are breathtaking and gave me permission to write wholeheartedly into a topic, stripping away fear and any need to feel “appropriate.”.

Nan Carmack

Librarian, Scholar, Mom, Evington, Virginia

As a female writer in academia, my creative writing voice before taking Marilyn’s Craft Your Truth class was, at times, stilted and masked with glossy magazine writing. Since taking the course, my voice feels more candid and emotionally lucid. The writing prompts in the class helped me track episodes connected to having a port wine stain birthmark, which helped me paint a fuller picture of this painful emotional history.

I am bringing a new spirit to my writing—a spirit of gratefulness for the diverse women who supported me during the class and for an instructor who was creative, compassionate, and energizing.

I am so glad I am part of such a caring and smart community of women!

Jessica Brophy, PhD

Teacher and Poet, Lynchburg, Virginia

Prior to taking Marilyn’s classes, I knew I had some writing “juju,” but I had no idea how to tap into it or bring it forth. And it wasn’t really a priority in my life until I met Marilyn. I met her at a dinner party, and she was simply dazzling. So vivacious, and funny, and engaged with life. I knew that whatever else was going on in my life, I HAD to take a class with this woman.

Class with Marilyn is a journey of self-discovery. She creates an environment of intimacy and safety where true inner healing work can be accomplished through writing.

It doesn’t matter if you ache to be a writer, or hardly give it a thought. These classes are a blessing to anyone who is willing to show up and participate, and vital to anyone who really wants to write.

Maryann Novi

Communications Assistant CCM, Lynchburg, Virginia

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