Dear writing sisters,

There’s magic in the air. Writing magic. The kind of magic that comes from writing in sisterhood. Which is exactly the magic we’ve been stirring up these last two months in the Writing Out Loud Sisterhood Inner Circle.

How do we do it? We gather live on teleconference calls twice a month. On one of those calls, I share writing prompts and, at the end of our writing time, women who want to share their work read aloud.

On our second monthly call, we gather as a group, set our individual writing intentions, then disperse to work on our own writing, taking the group energy and power of the sisterhood with us.

In between our writing retreats, we keep the magic going on our private Facebook group, where we support and encourage each other in our M-F accountability posts.

Women are reporting all kinds of sparks in their writing: new writing is getting written, old writing is being pulled out of drawers and rekindled, weekly writing intentions are being set and met, courage and confidence and—Yes!—writing joy are growing as pages become poems or blogs or scenes or chapters. Chapters are becoming memoirs-in-progress. Writing magic is happening on and off the page as the women in the Sisterhood reclaim more of themselves in writing and in life.

Here’s the not-so-secret secret. That writing magic? It’s already within you. It’s your voice, your courage, your intuition, your words, your story, your power. Word power. But sometimes our words get stuck beneath our fear and self-doubt, which breed in isolation. Writing thrives on connection.

In the Writing Out Loud Sisterhood Inner Circle, we connect through our words and voices, on the page and off the page. We pride ourselves on the writing love we share with each other. And love? Melts fear. Sets words free. Before you know it, you’re writing out loud.

If sisterhood magic is what you need to spark or rekindle your writing, come join us! We would love to welcome you into our circle.

Register here.

The introductory fee goes away on June 13. After that, the fee for this membership program will go up. Register by June 13 to lock in at this low introductory rate.

Questions? Reply to this email and I’ll get back to you.

Much writing love,


P.S. Register by June 13 to enjoy the introductory rate!

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