It’s official.

Writing Women’s Lives™ is launched. The cork has popped. The beginning has begun. And here you are. Exactly where you should be. At a site devoted to women’s writing and women’s lives and the spark that ignites when women write their lives. So, welcome. Welcome to my dream of making women’s real-life literature the spark of my own life.


What can you expect from this blog? Reviews of books and essays and films written by women about women’s lives. Profiles of real-life women whose stories must be told. Irresistible tidbits from women’s history and women’s literary history. Interviews with women writers. Tips on craft. Prompts and exercises to get you writing. Strategies to keep you writing. Challenges to submit your writing to the world.


And questions. Here I will ask you questions about your writing. Why do you write? I might ask, or, Why do you not write? The answers to these questions are important. History resides in these answers. So does the dawning of awareness, of light, of a pen pushing forward a life.


What else will you find here? Me. Here is where you’ll find me, encouraging you to write your story. To tap into your heart’s truth. To begin, to resume, to prioritize, to promote your writing, your craft, your life.


Write your story!

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