Talking to Pamela Sampel is nothing short of a spiritual experience, so it’s no wonder that our conversation about conscious writing led to talk about the divine. “The divine in me is asking to be revealed,” she says about her writing experience. For Pamela, writing is nothing short of a spiritual calling.

But her writing path has not always been as clear to her as it is today.

Listen in (below) as Pamela talks about how the conscious writing she did in Excavate your Truth/Free Your Voice helped her to understand silencing in a way that had previously eluded her. So powerful was her epiphany about her own relationship to silencing, she says, that it left her shaking at her desk. Writing within a tribe of women writers helped her to “pop the lid off” of the conditioning that was keeping her in the “good girl role” she thought she’d left behind when she left home and the Midwest (the middle of the United States) decades ago. She went from tiptoeing around her desire to write to really owning writing as her soul’s calling.

And though she acknowledges that she still has to wrangle with the voices of doubt—the inner critic we all have to confront no matter how powerful and insistent our divine calling to write—she says about her writing, “I’m doing it anyway, dammit!”

Spirited, gutsy, and oh so wise, Pamela is sure to inspire you to up the ante on your own writing journey. Her “doing it anyway” energy is the best kind of contagious.

At the end of the interview you’ll get a sneak peek of her memoir in progress when she reads from her work. Her words are lyric and, yes, touched by the divine.

Oh, and one teeny-tiny heads up. This interview contains an f-bomb or two, all in the spirit of popping that lid off of silence : ).

Listen to Pamela’s Conscious Writing Journey here:

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Ready to begin your own conscious writing journey? Excavate Your Truth/Free Your Voice: A Conscious Writing Journey for Women Who Are Done with Silence is open for registration! Visit the course description and registration page here.

About Pamela Sampel

Currently I write, coach, study, research and explore, and create restorative retreat experiences for both individuals and groups that nurture souls and provide sustenance for life’s journey. Known for my irreverent sense of humor, I love to laugh out loud—heartily and often! Others often describe me as “an innovative thinker and a visionary individual who readily sees a bigger and more complex picture in people, work, and the world around her.” I hold Bachelor and Master’s degrees in business and non-profit management and certificates in coaching, Myers-Briggs (MBTI) interpretation, and spiritual direction. I’m also an Oblate of St. Benedict at St. Placid Priory in Lacey, Washington and a Sister of Belle Coeur. What makes my heart sing these days is my work on a series of hybrid memoir essays that will eventually become a full-fledged memoir. Please visit my website at to read more of my story and view my offerings.

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