Dear writing sisters,

I loved loved loved appearing as a guest on the podcast STFU: We’re Not Done Talking Yet  hosted by my dear writing sisters Charla Gabert and Danielle Woermann. We talked women and voice and writing and silencing. And, somewhere in there, I shared a story at the heart of my memoir-in-progress that made me shake in the telling.

How’s that for writing—and speaking—past silence?

Tune in here to listen in ITunes.

Or tune in here to listen via Anchor or (scroll down on the Anchor homepage to the episode titled “Interview with Marilyn Bousquin…”).

At the end of the interview I read a piece of my writing titled “Feral,” which appears in the anthology The Mentor That Matters: Inspiration from transformative teachers, role models & heroes. This was the first time I read “Feral” in public. Reading it reminded me how much I like it. Don’t you just love that? When you reread a piece of your writing and think, Ah, yes, there I am.

Much writing love,


P.S. Writing Women’s Lives Academy hosts a free Writing Out Loud Sisterhood Facebook page, where women who are done with silence gather in truth. Join us here!

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