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Why create a vision for your memoir?

A memoir, at its most basic, is comprised of scenes that convey a perennial human truth. This is where most writers spend most of their time early on their memoir journey. Of course! They are, after all, writing a story.

But a memoir is comprised of many behind-the-scenes components that are hard to see, much less define, while you’re steeped in the writing process.

By defining these components now, you cultivate a clear vision for your memoir that will deepen your relationship with your story and save you time on your memoir journey.

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How will you create your vision?

We’ll use Jennie Nash’s Blueprint for a Memoir to cultivate your vision. Blueprint for a Memoir includes 14 blueprint steps that help you envision the whole of your memoir from different angles and see how all of its pieces fit together into a multifaceted whole.

Once you complete your blueprint, we’ll dig deep, define, and refine each of the components until you come away with a crystal clear vision for your memoir.

The bulk of this digging and crystallizing and refining will happen during a daylong deep-dive clarity intensive, which is explained in more detail below.

Your vision becomes a roadmap that guides you on your memoir journey.

Daylong Deep-Dive Clarity Intensive

Because the Blueprint is composed of many parts that together create a holistic vision for your book, it can be truly magical to devote a day to honing, refining, and crystallizing your vision.

This stretch of focused time enables us to tease out the underlying connections between the different elements of your book. Our insights from one section inevitably deliver ahas about another section. Insights from that section then answer a question we had about yet another section. And so on.

By staying with your blueprint over the course of the day, we’re able to give your vision our undivided attention and hold space for it to deepen and emerge.

This deep-dive intensive is 5 hours long. It is organized into 5 separate zoom calls with breaks scheduled in between. Each call addresses a topic from my high-level feedback on your blueprint. At the end of the day we’ll establish the revisions you’ll make to your blueprint, and we’ll set a date for you to send them to me.

This intensive is about clarity: you will come away seeing your book from a whole new level of depth and breadth.

So, what’s the process? How do we work together?


Kick-off Call. We begin with a call in which I review the Map Your Memoir program. If you decide to move forward, I provide you with a link to Blueprint for a Memoir and a copy of the Blueprint Memoir Answer Sheet.

Your Deliverables. You complete your Blueprint Answer Sheet and send it to me.

My Feedback. I review your blueprint and send it back to you with comments directly on your answersheet along with a separate high-level summary of my feedback. This high-level summary will guide the structure of our daylong call.

Our Daylong Deep-Dive Clarity Intensive. We roll up our sleeves and meet for a daylong deep-dive clarity intensive to talk about your Blueprint and hone your vision. This 5-hour schedule enables us to dive deep into each of the issues your Blueprint raises, address them one by one, make connections, embrace “ahas,” and hone your vision every step of the way.

Your Deliverables. You send me your revised blueprint.

My Feedback. I review your revised blueprint and send it back to you with comments and a high-level summary.

45-min Coaching Call. We meet for a follow-up call to review your revisions and create a Next Steps plan for you to write your memoir forward.

Write Your Memoir Forward! You take a twirl, breathe in your beautiful vision, and and use your completed blueprint to write your memoir forward with clarity and confidence.

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Interested in Map Your Memoir? Let’s chat!

Fill out the intake form below. Once I receive it I’ll reach out to schedule a call.

Questions you may have…

How will I access materials?

A a Map Your Memoir client, you will have your own personal online classroom where you’ll find a link to Blueprint for a Book, a Blueprint Answer Sheet, your day-long schedule, recordings of our calls, and any other resources I share with you.

Is there an alternative to the daylong deep-dive?

Yes. Writers at the very beginning of their memoir-journey, writers who have limited time, and writers who like to process and revisit revisions over time can complete their blueprint over the course of 4 deliverable dates.

Can I write my memoir forward with you after I complete my blueprint?

Yes! I offer an ongoing 1:1 monthly coaching for you to write your memoir forward.

What's your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds for 1:1 coaching programs.

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