Writing Classes & Mentoring Programs

Women’s stories are rife with the truth and grit and beauty of real life. Yet so often as women we find it difficult to find the time to really write, and when we do manage to carve out the time we often have to contend with our own inner critic and the doubt it casts on our work.

“Wherever a woman’s writing is at right now is exactly where it should be. But not where it will stay for long.”
—Marilyn Bousquin

The truth is that writing personal narrative, such as memoir and personal essays, is a transformative act. The writing returns us to our true selves and reminds us of our unique voice and creative vision. When we craft the raw material of our lives into an artistic expression—a story—we create a narrative that speaks our truth and also strikes a universal chord that touches others. This is the power of story. We are changed by writing our true stories; writing our true stories changes others.

“Silencing is the root of many challenges we face as women writers. Craft is one weapon against silencing. Consciousness is another.”
—Marilyn Bousquin

Writing is about consciousness. It is about learning to see your own truth, to discover who you are as a woman in this world, to be your authentic self on the page. It is also about crafting your story into art and sending it into the world, where it can make its mark and touch others’ lives. Writing Women’s Lives™ Mentoring Programs and Classes are designed to help women who are done with silence free their voice, claim their truth, and write their memoir stories with confidence, craft, and consciousness.