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Marilyn Bousquin
Women’s stories are rife with the truth and grit and beauty of real life. Yet so often as women we find it difficult to find the time to really write, and when we do manage to carve out the time we often have to contend with our own inner critic and the doubt it casts on our work.


The truth is that writing personal narrative, such as memoir and personal essays, is a transformative act. The writing returns us to our true selves and reminds us of our unique voice and creative vision. When we craft the raw material of our lives into an artistic expression—a story—we create a narrative that speaks our truth and also strikes a universal chord that touches others. This is the power of story. We are changed by writing our true stories; writing our true stories changes others.


Writing is about consciousness. It is about learning to see your own truth, to discover who you are as a woman in this world, to be your authentic self on the page. It is also about crafting your story into art and sending it into the world, where it can make its mark and touch others’ lives. Writing Women’s Lives™ Mentoring Program and Writing Women’s Lives™ Classes are designed to help women writers realize their writing dreams.

Wherever a woman’s writing is at right now is exactly where it should be. But not where it will stay for long.”
—Marilyn Bousquin



Center Page: Transform Your Writing, Transform Your Life

One-on-One Mentoring Program
Begin today.


Work one-to-one with Marilyn to determine your Writing Profile, set specific writing and publishing goals, clear out mindsets and habits that limit your power as a writer, take your craft to a whole new level, and create a disciplined writing practice that transforms your writing and your life. Email Marilyn to set up a complimentary phone conversation to discuss your writing needs today!

Fear is the root of the challenges many of us face as women writers. Craft is one weapon against this fear. Intention is another.”
—Marilyn Bousquin


Writing Our Grandmothers, Discovering Ourselves: Women, Silence, & Voice

A Writing Women’s Lives™ Signature Workshop
Stayed tuned for the live tele-workshop coming in January 2014!

What does it mean to have a writer’s voice? What is literary silencing, and how does it affect women writers today? Join Marilyn Bousquin, founder of Writing Women’s Lives™, as she pulls back the curtain on the issue of silencing for women writers. Part lecture, part writing workshop, this evening is designed to help us see ourselves in relation to our literary grandmothers and to free ourselves from the legacy of silencing from which we are all descended. Come away from this workshop with words on the page written in your authentic voice, words that will reach back through generations to awaken your deeper truth. Bring your favorite notebook and pen!


Excavate Your Truth/Free Your Voice

Online/teleclass coming winter 2014

Women’s stories are rife with the truth and grit and beauty of real life. Yet we often see our stories as small. Writing beneath the surface of our experiences as females uncovers our deeper truths, frees our voice, and helps us to make sense of our life experiences. We are transformed by writing our truth; our truth transforms others.


Class 1 Writing Adolescence: Our Voices, Ourselves
Class 2 Embodied Writing: Our Bodies, Ourselves
Class 3 Writing Our Mothers: Our Mothers, Ourselves
Class 4 Writing the Details: Our Rooms, Ourselves
Class 5 Why We Write: Our Writing, Ourselves
Class 6 Writing Past Silence: Our Treasures, Ourselves
Class 7 Conscious Writing: Our Reflections, Ourselves

Bonus: Writing Women’s Lives’ Private Facebook Forum, a Community of Supportive Women Writers


Together we will excavate our deeper truths and free our authentic voice. We will write beneath the conditioning of silence and identify the themes and patterns that give our writing depth and texture. Contact Marilyn for registration details.



Craft Your Truth: Writing Your Life Stories

New class beginning Nov. 18


Memoir stories are true stories that explore a singular “slice” of a life. But how do you identify the turning point moments in your life that make for a captivating memoir story? How do you tease out the deeper truth at the heart of the story you want to write? And once you identify your deeper truth, how do you shape your story into an artistic expression that transcends your personal story and touches a universal chord? This class will arm you with the elements of craft you need to take the mystery out of writing memoir, and it will help you to bust out of the limiting mindsets that keep so many women writers silent or in hiding. Craft Your Truth will move you beyond silence. It will ignite your unique writing voice and empower you with the craft you need to tell the stories you need to tell.


Class 1: Trust the Detail: Discover Your Emotional Truth

Class 2: The Situation & the Story: What’s Your Deeper Story?

Class 3: Scene, Summary, & Musing: Making Sense Your Life Experiences

Class 4: Voice as Craft: Now Self & Then Self

Class 5: Voice as Identity: Write Who You Are

Class 6: Truth & Memory: The Language of Your Soul

Class 7: Re-Vision Your Truth: Writing as an Act of Clarity

Bonus: Writing Women’s Lives’ Private Facebook Forum, a Community of Supportive Women Writers


This seven-week course will meet on Mondays in Lynchburg, Virginia, at 7pm beginning on Monday, Nov. 18. Contact Marilyn for registration details.