Every Woman Has a Story to Write


Marilyn BousquinEvery woman has a story to write. And every woman’s story contains her heart’s truth. And yet so many women find themselves with no time to really write. And when we do sit down to write, we are often tortured by doubt about our writing, which morphs into doubt about our lives, which leads to giving up writing, only to discover that we have to write.


Because not writing is the hardest thing going in a writing woman’s life.


When we do write past our fears and doubts—when we tap into our writing voice—magical things happen in our writing and in our lives. Suddenly, we feel alive. We have more energy. We feel less stressed about time. We are no longer distracted by the ache of not writing the story we need to write.


When we write our heart’s truth, we remember who we are and why we write.


When we return to our writing, we return to ourselves.


What’s your story? I have created Write Your Heart Out As a Female!, a 9-step writing exercise designed to help you uncover the heart of your story. To receive it, just enter your email in the box in the upper right of this page, and get ready to write your heart out!



Write your story!

p.s. I would love to hear how the writing exercise works for you!