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Be a Writer You Admire

Earlier this week I posted the following in Writing Out Loud Sisterhood, a Writing Women’s Lives Facebook group: “This morning on the way to an annual check-up I caught the tail end of an NPR report about children and self-confidence. The report stated that when children dress up as one of their heroes–Wonder Woman, for […]

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Conscious Writing Journeys ~ Charla Gabert: “I took this pain and made something beautiful out of it.”

Today’s interview finds me chatting with Charla Gabert who, like Joanne Cooper, made her way back to writing by way of art; in Charla’s case, mosaics. As a child, Charla “disappeared into books,” so it was only natural that she would write poems and stories and work on her high school literary magazine. She even […]

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Conscious Writing Journeys ~ Joanne Cooper: “Journals were a lifeline for me.”

Welcome back to the Conscious Writing Journeys interview series. In today’s interview I speak with Joanne Cooper, a woman whose life experiences led her to writing as part of her larger purpose. Joanne Cooper is so in tune with her intuition that serendipity, which she refers to as “Grace Winks,” is central to her way […]

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Conscious Writing Journeys ~ Diedre Badejo: “I am not going to let you define me.”

Ready for a healing? Diedre Badejo’s steady voice and infectious laugh pull you out of your head and into your heart as she transports you to a sense of well-being in the same way a healing returns you to truth. Not surprising, given that Diedre settles for nothing less than truth and honesty in everything […]

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Conscious Writing Interview ~ Pamela Sampel: “I’m doing it anyway, dammit!”

Talking to Pamela Sampel is nothing short of a spiritual experience, so it’s no wonder that our conversation about conscious writing led to talk about the divine. “The divine in me is asking to be revealed,” she says about her writing experience. For Pamela, writing is nothing short of a spiritual calling. But her writing […]

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