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Interview with Anne Panning!

Dear writing sisters, Anne Panning’s memoir Dragonfly Notes: On Distance and Loss begins, “My mother appears regularly to me in the form of a dragonfly, or so I like to think.” From there she draws on decades of memory and experience, from her childhood home in rural Minnesota to the riverbanks of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, […]

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May your inner twinkle guide you

Dear writing sisters, For a number of years now I’ve taken to decorating the corner mantel in our family room in place of a tree. I string it with star lights that twinkle, then I add ornaments that conjure snow–a snow owl and a tree made of feathers, white poodles with silver glitter, silvery pheasant feathers […]

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Be a Writer You Admire

Earlier this week I posted the following in Writing Out Loud Sisterhood, a Writing Women’s Lives Facebook group: “This morning on the way to an annual check-up I caught the tail end of an NPR report about children and self-confidence. The report stated that when children dress up as one of their heroes–Wonder Woman, for […]

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