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Spark your writing magic!

Dear writing sisters, There’s magic in the air. Writing magic. The kind of magic that comes from writing in sisterhood. Which is exactly the magic we’ve been stirring up these last two months in the Writing Out Loud Sisterhood Inner Circle. How do we do it? We gather live on teleconference calls twice a month. […]

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This podcast made my voice shake!

Dear writing sisters, I loved loved loved appearing as a guest on the podcast STFU: We’re Not Done Talking Yet  hosted by my dear writing sisters Charla Gabert and Danielle Woermann. We talked women and voice and writing and silencing. And, somewhere in there, I shared a story at the heart of my memoir-in-progress that […]

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Mother Truths: Quotes by Women Writers

Dear writing sisters, I’ve been thinking about the complexity of motherhood—and the mother-daughter relationship—in a patriarchal culture that renders mothers as one-dimensional, self-sacrificing, benevolent women who do not have needs beyond caring for others. Never mind the myth that all women should become mothers and that all mothers are good mothers who live for motherhood. […]

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Interview with Anne Panning!

Dear writing sisters, Anne Panning’s memoir Dragonfly Notes: On Distance and Loss begins, “My mother appears regularly to me in the form of a dragonfly, or so I like to think.” From there she draws on decades of memory and experience, from her childhood home in rural Minnesota to the riverbanks of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, […]

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May your inner twinkle guide you

Dear writing sisters, For a number of years now I’ve taken to decorating the corner mantel in our family room in place of a tree. I string it with star lights that twinkle, then I add ornaments that conjure snow–a snow owl and a tree made of feathers, white poodles with silver glitter, silvery pheasant feathers […]

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